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Lt. Colonel O. H. Davidsmeyer, Sr.

Lt. Colonel O. Howard Davidsmeyer, Sr. was in charge of communications in the Pacific on MacArthur's staff. He was an engineer before the war and also served in the Navy in world war one. He participated in many landings under fire in the Pacific.

He was known to his staff as "Dave."  He kept three large scrapbooks of photos of his WWII service in the Pacific, which forms the basis of this web site.

After the war, he worked as an engineer for AT&T and held several communications patents. Later, he was a founder and CEO of several telecommunications companies.


234.jpg (125442 bytes)
Onboard the CNS-1 news ship. (Dave on left).

236.jpg (101521 bytes)
With comm equipment onboard the news ship.

001.jpg (27214 bytes)
Staff photo. Davidsmeyer is the only one in leggings,
second from right in front row.

087.jpg (90390 bytes)
Dave is the man on the right.

099.jpg (88983 bytes)
Dave is in the middle.

204.jpg (27919 bytes)
Dave is on left.

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The jeep photos below are of a jeep that was deliberately "sunk." Seems that jeeps were not readily available from the motor pool when jungle recons were necessary. So, this resourceful group would deliberately run a jeep off a road and "lose" it in deep water. After the jeep was written off as lost by the motor pool, Dave would send his engineers down to retrieve it. Once they cleaned it up and got it running again it became a communications jeep.

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Don't know if below is another "liberated" jeep or just one stuck in the mud.

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Dave is on left. The moral of this series of photos is, if you don't want people to know you got stuck in the field in your jeep, don't have a signal corps photographer with you.

137.jpg (92903 bytes)

157.jpg (94911 bytes)

162.jpg (66255 bytes)
   WWII army officer in field with dead snake
Yes, that is a very long, dead snake the army officer is holding.

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Army officers off-duty (and unclothed) swimming, Port Morseby.
Dave on the right ready to take the plunge

276.jpg (39780 bytes)
3-star general in foreground
Staff in background, Davidsmeyer is front row, far left

034.jpg (34337 bytes)

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