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001.jpg (27214 bytes)   Number 9SvC-42-6465

(footnote 2)

  8x10 001.jpg
002.jpg (13016 bytes) Large Apt Bldg - Dewey Blvd Manila     3-3/4x6 002.jpg
003.jpg (42634 bytes) Leyte - Near Ormoc     8x10 003.jpg
American Flag flies over beach camp on Taolaban in the South Pacific in WWII Beach camp - Tacloban     8x10 004.jpg
Picture of B17 bombers on air-strip in the Pacific 17 Mile Strip - Moresby     5x7 007.jpg
008.jpg (31457 bytes) Pt Moresby
Taken by SSA
October 12 1942
Official Photo
Signal Corps U.S. Army
Unit D8 -- 41st Div.
  5x7 008.jpg
Leyte cemetery, Phillipines Leyte cemetery     8x10 009.jpg
Picture of LST in WWII LST - Leyte (Tacloban)     8x10 010.jpg
Picture of General MacArthur's B-17 taking off Gen Mac's - B-17 Bataan - 17 Mile     5x7 011.jpg
Taken by SSA 41st Div.
Oct 10 1942   5x7 012.jpg
Picture of Tacloban assault in WWII Beach - Tacloban     8x10 013.jpg
Bombed church in Dulag, Leyte in WWII Dulag - Leyte (where Japs made airborne landing and held fighter strip for 24 hours)     8x10 014.jpg
WWII picture of soldiers in Fall River, New Guinea Milne Bay - near Fall River     5x7 015.jpg
016.jpg (38162 bytes)     Building has sign saying Papua Hotel 5x7 016.jpg
Picture of church in Tacloban used as hospital in WWII Interior church at Tacloban
(church used for care of our wounded)
    8x10 018.jpg
Walled City in Manila Walled city - Manila     3-3/4x6 019.jpg
Walled city of Manila Walled city - Manila     3-3/4x6 020.jpg
021.jpg (25749 bytes) Legislative bldg - Manila     3-3/4x6 021.jpg
Priest and congregation in WWII Phillipines Church - Tacloban     8x10 022.jpg
023.jpg (34549 bytes) Church - Tacloban     8X10 023.jpg
Phillipines street in Tacloban, WWII Street Scene - Tacloban     8x10 024.jpg
Luzon Spanish Mission during WWII Spanish Mission - Luzon Approved for Mailing Photo Service - 21
6 17
  3x5-1/2 025.jpg
026.jpg (21253 bytes) House Movers - Luzon     3-3/4x6 026.jpg
028.jpg (35093 bytes) Leyte - on road to Taloose (between Tacloban and Palo)     8x10 028.jpg
029.jpg (19025 bytes) New Guinea     8x10 029.jpg
Signal Corps SWPa - SC - 44 18073   Photograph by Signal Corps U.S. Army SWPA-SC-44-18073   3-3/4x4-3/4 032.jpg
055.jpg (16532 bytes)   (footnote 1)

When referring to this photograph mention the following number SWPA [???] 13021

056.jpg (16190 bytes)   (footnote 1)

Photographed by General Assignment Unit No. 1 332nd Signal Service Co.

October 13, 1943
Rhombic transmitting antenna termination (Type D) at the GHQ Radio Section, Port Moresby, New Guinea (9S-147E) Photographer Ovid Di Fiore

WWII Pictures - Navy Laundry in Dutch New Guinea Navy laundry - Dutch New Guinea     8x10 267.jpg
268.jpg (40181 bytes) Navy laundry - New Guinea     8x10 268.jpg
Luzon woman and child, water buffalo in river - Peno River Peno River - Luzon     postcard 269.jpg
WWII - women of the Pacific Island of Tupeseli Tupeseli - Native Village     8x10 270.jpg
Taoloban soldiers in WWII Tacloban     8x10 271.jpg
272.jpg (31165 bytes) Manila Hotel     3-3/4x6 272.jpg
Transshipment Mail Office - Mobile Unit in WWII Beach - Tacloban     8x10 274.jpg
275.jpg (21613 bytes) Dead Jap floating in Leyte Gulf     8X10 275.jpg
276.jpg (39780 bytes)   Number 9SvC-42-6468

(footnote 2)

  8x10 276.jpg
Miss Snafu B-29 Bomber     "Miss Snafu" 5x7 277.jpg
Two WWII soldiers - cable spinner of the 99th Cable spinner of the 99th     5-3/4x3-1/4 278.jpg
(and 33.jpg)
279.jpg (14274 bytes) Monument entrance to Manila     3-3/4x6 279.jpg
Agno River Crossing - Rosario, Luzon, Philippines Agno River Crossing - Rosario Luzon   Philippine wagons pulled by oxen 3.5x6 280.jpg
New Guinea (Dutch)     10x8 281.jpg
      6.5x5 282.jpg
    Cutting trees for telephone poles 6.5x5 283.jpg
    2 one-star generals 6.5x5 284.jpg
285.jpg (7993 bytes) Rorona Landing Strip Oct 11 1942   6.5x5 285.jpg
    Lt. Col. Davidsmeyer in jeep 6.5x5 286.jpg
287.jpg (8584 bytes) Yule Island Oct 11 1942   6.5x5 287.jpg
288.jpg (23398 bytes)     same photo session as #295, labeled Gen Chamberlain Gen Akin Gen  Cowles Gen Waldron 6.5x5 288.jpg
289.jpg (13152 bytes)     Plane #VHCXE
Photos 289 - 293, 296 are a series taken on Oct 8, 1942 (possibly also #294)
6.5x5 289.jpg
290.jpg (11815 bytes)     Gen Chamberlain and Lt. Col. Davidsmeyer
(see note for 289.jpg)
6.5x5 290.jpg
291.jpg (17339 bytes)     (see note for 289.jpg) 6.5x5 291.jpg
292.jpg (15843 bytes) Left to right
Gen Akin - Lt Col Arnold - Capt Moore - Capt Clark
Oct 8 1942 (see note for 289.jpg) 6.5x5 292.jpg
293.jpg (17672 bytes)     Person in center wearing pilot wings
(see note for 289.jpg)
7x5 293.jpg
294.jpg (10784 bytes)       postcard 294.jpg
295.jpg (17370 bytes) Left to right: Gen Chamberlain Gen Akin Gen  Cowles Gen Waldron Oct 10 1942   6.5x5 295.jpg
296.jpg (14446 bytes)     (see note for 289.jpg) 6.5x5 296.jpg
297.jpg (9730 bytes)     landing strip with plane landing and many planes and trucks to the side of the strip 6.5x5 297.jpg
298.jpg (23547 bytes)     Truck with natives (#AF436031), plane being serviced in background ("E" on side). Lots of camoflage netting. 6.5x5 298.jpg
299.jpg (14941 bytes) South Shore New Guinea, East of Pt. Moresby Oct 10 1942 Several boats and huts on shore 6.5x5 299.jpg
300.jpg (9729 bytes)     Silhouette of ship against island. Very poor quality photo. 6.5x5 300.jpg
301.jpg (17539 bytes)   Official Photo
Signal Corps, U.S. Army
Unit D8 -- 41st Div
Unidentified port with large American ship at dock and another putting out to sea. Lots of schooners in anchorage. 6.5x5 301.jpg
302.jpg (10865 bytes) Horn Island airport with Thursday Island in background Oct 12 1942   6.5x5 302.jpg

Recurring captions on back:

*1* Photo U.S. Army Signal Corps
Not to be released from Military Control
*2* Forward Echelon, Hq. Ninth Service Command, Presidio of San Francisco.
Under each reproduction of this photo must appear OFFICIAL U.S. SIGNAL CORPS PHOTO

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