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Native South Pacific Islanders in WWII - Women

These pictures of indigenous women of the South Pacific by the Signal Corps are from the scrapbooks of Lt. Colonel O. Howard Davidsmeyer, Sr.

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Church in Tacloban on Leyte in Phillipines

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New Guinea

Luzon woman and child, water buffalo in river - Peno River
Peno River - Luzon

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This grouping of three photos was on the inside front page of one of my grandfather's WWII photo albums. He would come out with the scrapbooks and ask if a visitor would like to see a picture of his secretary during the war.  He'd flip open the scrapbook and there was the  giant 8x10 glossy of the above islander wearing her necklaces and a smile. Next to her were one-inch tall photos of the two WACs who were grandpa's secretaries during the war. I got a kick out of it ... grandma hated when he did this!

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Leyte - Near Ormoc (Ormec?)

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WWII Pictures - Navy Laundry in Dutch New Guinea
Navy Laundry - Dutch New Guinea

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WWII - women of the Pacific Island of Tupeseli
Tupeseli - Native Village


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