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WWII Airplane Pictures
Southwest Pacific Theater
WW2 Airplanes

WWII Allied Plane in the pacific

World War II pictures of seaplanes and military planes of the US Army and Navy, both on the ground, in flight, and on bombing runs. These airplane pictures taken by the Army Signal Corps. Photographs are from the personal scrapbooks of Lt. Colonel O. Howard Davidsmeyer, Sr.

Pictured right: B-24 Bomber in flight over Pacific Island

Note: I am no plane expert and didn't know what planes these were. Thank you to the following people for help in identifying these WWII airplane pictures: Lee Glaeser, John W. MacDonald. Any additional help would be appreciated. Send email to "combatTV" -at- jodavidsmeyer.com or leave comments on the Forum.

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296.jpg (14446 bytes)
Series of pictures of this plane and its crew and passengers
were taken on October 8, 1942. Does anyone know what kind of plane this is?
(see all pictures in the series)

military seaplane in WWII pictures
WWII Coriolanis Seaplane picturesPBY Catalina Flying Boat?
Quantas Airlines


Pictures of WWII aircraft shot down
Unknown Japanese plane going down in flames

WWII Airplanes : B-25 Pictures

277.jpg (17968 bytes)
Mitchell B-25D Bomber "Miss Snafu" at air field somewhere in Pacific.
Airplane was part of the 90th Bombardment Squadron that took part in the air attack at Rabaul.

According to Michael Claringbould of Aerothentic.com web site:
Miss Snafu was a B-25 serial #41-12487 of the 90 BOMB SQUADRON 3 BOMB GROUP, lost near Lae on 16 May 1943. This aircraft had been participating in a night attack on Lae. the approach being from the Markham Valley to Nuon Gulf. It is thought that it may have crashed on the seaward end of Lae. Her crew consisted of:

bullet1st Lt Nelson P. Ingram Jr, 0-790345, Pilot
bullet2nd Lt John A. Key Jr 0-668009,Co-Pilot
bulletS/Sgt Walter F. Clifford, Gunner
bulletS/Sgt Redus W Harrell 6971071, Gunner

WWII B24 Nose art picture


I believe this photo to the left is of Captain Charles Howe, Commander of the 90th Bombardment Squadron, alongside his Mitchell B-25D bomber called "Here's Howe." For more information about this plane visit aerothentic web site.

Allied WWII B-25 picture
B-25 in flight

allied aircraft of WWII photos
Four B-25s or Four C-47s
(anyone else care to venture an opinion?)

(a two-engine cargo/passenger plane, how many of those were there?)
Possibly a Japanese version of the DC-3?

B-17 Pictures

Picture of General MacArthur's B-17 taking off
General MacArthur's B-17 "Bataan" at 17 Mile Strip

 Picture of B17 bombers on air-strip in the Pacific
Three B-17 Flying Fortresses at 17 Mile Strip - Moresby, Papua New Guinea
"Schwimmer 17-Mile Aerodrome" was a base used for
fighter and medium bombers during WWII. Now abandoned.

crashed American plane in the Pacific
Crashed B-17

crashed WWII American plane in the Pacific
Unknown plane wreckage —
looks like a chin turret?
British Wellsy bomber?


crashed American P-38 plane in the Pacific
Cockpit close-up P-38
crashed American P38 plane in the Pacific
Long View P-38 Lightning

 pictures of crashed American plane in the Pacific
Unknown wreckage -- is that a sliding door on one?
Wrecked C-47?

 photos of bombed out island
Bombed out Isthmus
(click on image for larger view)

 WWII photographs
Looking at a camera in a plane

 world war II photos and pictures - observation plane in flight
Piper Cub?
L-3(?) Artillery Spotter plane?

See posters of WWII airplanes

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