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Air mission in the SouthWest Pacific Area October 8, 1942

These series of pictures were taken by the Signal Corps on October 8, 1942.

These World War II pictures are from the personal scrapbooks of Lt. Colonel O. Howard Davidsmeyer, Sr.

292.jpg (15843 bytes)
Back of photo is labeled:
Left to right General Akin, Lt Col Arnold, Captain Moore, Captain Clark
And is stamped Oct 8 1942.

General Spencer B. Akin was MacArthur's Chief Signal Officer throughout World War II.

293.jpg (17672 bytes)
Soldier in center is wearing pilot's wings.

296.jpg (14446 bytes)
Plane number is VHCXE

291.jpg (10118 bytes)

290.jpg (11815 bytes)
Lt. Col. Davidsmeyer and General Chamberlain

289.jpg (13152 bytes)

286.jpg (9492 bytes)
Lt. Col. Davidsmeyer (?) in jeep

294.jpg (10784 bytes)
Not sure the above picture was taken same day, it is in the scrapbook on same pages as above pictures, but is not labeled as from the group.


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