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Pictures of Tacloban, Leyte
in the Philippines in WWII

Army Signal Corps photos of Tacloban in the Pacific during WWII. Tacloban is on the island of Leyte in the Phillipines. WWII Philippines pictures

From the personal scrapbooks of Lt. Col. O. Howard Davidsmeyer, Sr.

  American Flag flies over beach camp on Taolaban in the South Pacific in WWII
US Army Beach Camp on Tacloban

Phillipine Tacloban soldiers in WWII
Caption on photo is simply: "Tacloban"
Pictures seems to be of native Philippine soldiers showing a captured Japanese flag

Priest and congregation in WWII Phillipines
Church in Tacloban,
priest, women and children on balcony

Transshipment Mail Office - Mobile Unit in WWII
Picture taken on the beach at Tacloban. Sign reads: Philippines Transshipment Mail Office (Mobile Unit #1) .... all it is, is a tree on the beach at Taoloban.

Picture of LST in WWII
LST (Landing Ship Tank) off Tacloban, Leyte Island
Several native Filippino outrigger canoes alongside the ship

Picture of Tacloban assault in WWII
Taking the beach at Tacloban (Philippines)

Picture of church in Tacloban used as hospital in WWII
Interior of Church in Tacloban
It was used for care of Allied wounded in World War II


023.jpg (34549 bytes)
Church in Tacloban
A soldier and four Phillipinos standing in front

Phillipines street in Tacloban, WWII
A street in Tacloban, probably 1943

028.jpg (35093 bytes)
Statue dedicated to the Youth of Leyte
(Boyscout statue)
WWII soldiers and equipment in background
Caption on back reads: Leyte on the road to Taloosa (between Tacloban and Palo)

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