WWII Signal Corps Brochure

  WWII New Ship - MacArthur Gains 200 Miles on Philippines

WWII - In the US, hungry presses and anxious ears await our actions. Today, far-reachingt coverage of war in the southwest pacific is given by...

The WWII Signal Corps communications ship provides power to communication to San Franciso, mobility, and facilities for high speed press dispatches.

The CSN-1, beneath this business-like title are the words 'Communications Ship-News' conceived and built by the signal corps for service to the nation. The WWII ship CSN-1 has transmitters, radio teletype facilities, and radiotelephone link to shore for war correspondents.

WWII ship allows news coverage by steaming forward in the wake of victorious ampibious thrusts War correspondents with battle-fresh impressions may speak direct into American Homes. Minutes-old dispatches will make the early-morning enditions in California, be on the streets of Manhatten at noon. An indispensable tool forged by the Signal Corps- used by the fourth estate - in the service of tthe nation!

This is a brochure about the Army communicating at sea during World War II.
Created during the war by Colonel O. Howard Davidsmeyer

(NOTE: original brochure pages had wide 1-1/2 inch margin, cut off here to save bandwidth)

WWII Signal Corps Brochures