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Pictures of WWII Airplanes in the Pacific

World War II pictures of seaplanes and military planes of the US Army and Navy, both on the ground, in flight, and on bombing runs. Some actual air battle photos. Taken by the Army Signal Corps. These photographs are from the personal scrapbooks of Lt. Colonel O. Howard Davidsmeyer, Sr.

(Note: I am no plane expert and didn't know what planes these were. Thank you to the following people for help in identifying these WWII air plane pictures: Lee Glaeser, John W. MacDonald. Any additional help would be appreciated. Send email to "combatTV" -at- or leave comments in Facebook links below.)

WWII Allied Plane in the pacific
B-24 Bomber in flight over Pacific Island

Allied WWII B-25 picture

allied aircraft of WWII photos
Four B-25s or Four C-47s
(anyone else care to venture an opinion?)

military seaplane in WWII pictures
PBY Catalina Flying Boat?
British Flying Boat (Saunders-Roe?)

WWII Coriolanis Seaplane pictures
PBY Catalina Flying Boat?
QANTAS Airlines flying boat?

Pictures of WWII aircraft shot down
Unknown Japanese plane going down in flames
(a two-engine cargo/passenger plane, how many of those were there?)
Possibly a Japanese version of the DC-3?

Pictures of B-17 taking off

 Picture of B17 bombers on air-strip in the Pacific
Three B-17s

crashed American plane in the Pacific
Crashed B-17

 crashed WWII American plane in the Pacific
Unknown plane wreckage — looks like a chin turret?
British Wellsy bomber?

 crashed American P-38 plane in the Pacific
Cockpit close-up P-38

 crashed American P38 plane in the Pacific
Long View P-38

 pictures of crashed American plane in the Pacific
Unknown wreckage -- is that a sliding door on one?
Wrecked C-47?


 photos of bombed out island
Bombed out island
(click on image for larger view)

 WWII photographs
Looking at a camera in a plane

 world war II photos and pictures - observation plane in flight
Piper Cub?
L-3(?) Artillery Spotter plane?

 WWII B24 Nose art picture

Okay, I have no idea what the above photo is. Is it Nose-Art, Ship-Art, who is Howe? If any one knows, please email me.

Lee Glaeser says, "I would guess the picture is of a bomb bay area of a B-24. Note the repaired bullet hole over the man's right shoulder. The size of the rivets look more like a plane than a ship."

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Terry Moelter, San Diego State University
The flying boat photo is not a PBY Catalina, most likely a British Sunderland. The 4 flying aircraft are not B-25's, most likely C-47's because of tail configuration. (Jun 19, 2013 1:54pm)

Bob Wilson, Silver State Helicopters
Terry - I agree.. (Jun 19, 2013 4:12pm)

Ron Fry, Germantown, Ohio
This is a B25 d-1. Lost with full crew to friendly fire from a navy ship. Go to Pacific Wrecks to find full story and crew names. Or just search using Heres Howe (Jul 26, 2015 3:09am)


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