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WWII Pictures of Manila
on the Island of Luzon

Photos from the personal scrapbooks of Colonel O. Howard Davidsmeyer, Sr. Many pictures show the devastation caused by bombing during the war. Manila is the capital city on the island of Luzon, the most northerly of the Phillipine islands.

002.jpg (13016 bytes)
Large apartment building in ruins - Dewey Boulevard, Manila

021.jpg (25749 bytes)
Manila Legislative Building with bomb damage

272.jpg (11091 bytes)
Manila Hotel

279.jpg (14274 bytes)Left: Monument entrance to Manila

Walled City in Manila
Walled City - Manila

Walled city of Manila
Walled City - Manila

026.jpg (21253 bytes)
House movers - Luzon

Luzon Spanish Mission during WWII
Spanish Mission in Luzon

Agno River Crossing - Rosario, Luzon, Philippines
Agno River Crossing - Rosario, Luzon
Many native Philippine wagons pulled by oxen,
carrying supplies. Village in distance.

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